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Naomi Trotto - Nice to Meet you

-Married since 2004
-Licensed since 2005
-Mom since 2008
-Bridal Hair Specialist            since 2009
-Salon Owner since 2014
-Vivid Color Specialist          since 2016
-Educator since 2018

-Photo shoots since 2017
-Avante-garde since 2018

-Eufora's SOYA Avante Garde finalist 2019
-Midwest Hairstyling Awards Finalist 2023

The Full Story

I started out in beauty school in 2005 at David Pressley School of Cosmetology, where I actually received training from the school's namesake himself David Pressley. He was 100 years old at that time, and his life experiences became stories he told us.

Job History

I worked with a Paul Mitchell National Color Educator at my first job, I was her assistant. Mo taught me everything I know about haircutting, I also got the opportunity to travel all over Metro Detroit with her, assisting her as she taught classes, primarily on hair color. Once I got pregnant with my son, in 2007, I had to start taking a break from doing hair. in 2008 I returned and worked at a primary haircut place, I worked there for about 9 months, learned speed cutting, and met a lot of people. Then I went to my last salon before, we opened Bell Amore Salon. At that last spot, I met some people who would work by my side for upwards of ten years, people who would help me through my daughter's premature birth and the challenges that came with that. I learned so much from all of them. Now today, I run a BA salon with the help of an entire team of powerful women. Fast forward to 2022 - relocating BA to Shelby and doubling in size.

Future + Competition

Beginning in 2021 I began submitting my works of art to different publishing magazines. Rounding out the year with over 15 published works. 

In 2022, My son was diagnosed with Leukemia, derailing the current progress made in my career.

Now in 2023, as of September, I am up to 27 publications.


Competition Submissions: 

2019 NAHA ( North American Hairstyling Awards)

2021 SOYA (Stylist of The Year Eufora)- Finalist

2021 NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards)

2023 - MHA (Midwest Hairstyling Awards) - Finalist

2023 - NAHA (North American Hairstyling Awards)

By 2027, I plan to make session work my full-time job pretty soon, and when my children are older I will pursue a career in doing hairpieces for film.

Avant Garde hair pieces made and photos submitted to NAHA 2019
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